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As part of its commitment to preserve and grow wealth, Hexagon Capital Partners is pleased to announce a new borrowing solution for its eligible clients provided by Goldman Sachs Private Bank Select® (GS Select®).

The GS Select securities-based revolving line of credit uses diversified, non-retirement investment assets to secure the loan. This digital lending program means you can easily borrow for planned and unplanned expenses such as home renovation and other real estate opportunities, tuition expenses, cash flow for a small business, a tax bill, etc. without disrupting your wealth management plan.

And, the GS Select high-tech, high-touch program ensures full transparency and flexibility throughout the entire process.

“Liability Management is a critical component to our approach when developing successful wealth management plans.  Adding GS Select as a premier lending provider adds to the quality of solutions we can make available to our clients,”  - Hexagon Capital Partners.

If you would like more information about this non-purpose lending program, please fill out the form below to contact us:

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Securities based loans may not be suitable for all loan parties (e.g., borrowers, pledgors, and guarantors) and carry a number of risks, including but not limited to the risk of a market downturn, tax implications if pledged securities are liquidated, and the potential increase in interest rates. If the value of pledged securities drops below certain levels, loan parties may be required to pay down the loan and/or pledge additional securities. The risks are described in the Product Guide and FAQs available upon request. You should consider these risks and whether a securities based loan is suitable before proceeding.   Credit qualification and collateral are subject to approval.

Additional terms and conditions would apply. Products, rates, qualifications, and terms and conditions are subject to change in GS Bank's sole discretion and without notice. Loans are offered by the Salt Lake City branch of Goldman Sachs Bank USA (“GS Bank”), a New York State–chartered bank and a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. GS Bank is a member of the Federal Reserve System and Member FDIC. Goldman Sachs Private Bank Select is a business of GS Bank. © Copyright 2017 Goldman Sachs, All Rights Reserved. Goldman Sachs Private Bank Select and GS Select are registered trademarks of Goldman Sachs & Co. LLC.

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